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International removals

International removers in Tunisia

Below are the steps which will enable you to discover your moving to the international, to and from Tunisia.

1 – First touch

We are introducing ourselves in your house to answer all of your requests and wondering.

2 – Assessment of the property’s thickness

In one hand, we take notes of the properties to transfer, of their particularities, and in another hand, of your wishes and requirement.

3 – Request for an estimate

We submit you a detailed cost estimate, and the terms of the transfer.

4 – Packaging organization

Our technical staff takes care of your properties. They are professionals, experimented – we request from them to be discreet, efficient, and always be adjusted to your needs.

5 – Shipping, truck, air transport, rail

Our historical partnerships are trustable.

6 – Administrative procedure, customs procedure.

Deminter International’s renown, its serious and skills are creating essentials exchanges with local and foreign administrations in the aim to secure every formality.

7 – Home delivery

You don’t take care of anything, and we do of everything ! This is our commitment towards you.

7 – Feedback

You would get it: we are your speaker all moving long. You benefit of an attentive listening and of a reactivity which make the difference. Consult our quality survey because it emphasizes that your opinions are always included and that we are constantly in the search of improving ourselves and our society.