Setting off
- Secure storage 24h/7  -  Close to the airport -
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Storage service

You don’t want to take away all your furniture? Deminter international also shaped a solution to conserve all your administrative documents in a secure place. If you want to let some of your stuff before taking it off, Deminter International provides it for you. Before the storage, your stuffs are packaged in the same method and same care than a foreign moving. It will be safe from their coming place; until the day you choose to take it off from our storage.

Our storehouses are secured and protected from gap temperature and fire risks. Your storage is individual, on monitoring 24h/7.

Deminter International owns metallic containers of 30 m3, which is convenient for cars for instance. The access is strictly private for Deminter International’s staff.

In another hand, we also provide solution for your administrative documents; according to your needs, we can collect, deliver wherever you want, or even destruct them if you deem it convenient.