for a full taking over
International removals

Sitting up assistance

This unit, in one hand, offers to the comer and his family an assistance for all the gait towards his new house and its setting up. In another hand, it offers a guidance in his first steps in Tunisia.

Housing, inventory

The inventory is an essential document which depicts the rented place, room by room, and also the facilities it includes. It has to be included necessarily to the rental agreement.

Children schooling

During an interview, we will gather the person who stands to benefit’s needs towards languages spoken by the children by making different choices of school.


We are also (///) to guide the comer for a choice of the bank, where the speaker will be able to speak the same language as the comer for the opening of a bank account.

Agreements towards the place

The day of the key’s delivery, the comer has to, beforehand, subscribe to a home policy. We will give him advices in this choice, and present him multiples assurances.

Home care

For each question towards the home care or the improving of the home place, we could help you to find the society which can fulfill your needs.