DEMINTER Relocation Services

This specialized service allows you to reach the most serenely possible way the discovery of Tunisia and its lifestyle. Deminter goes with you in each gait of a foreign moving (expatriation help, rehousing…). Our services enable to your co-workers, their families, and to yourself a peaceful integration. This way, whatever is your wish, we will give you a piece of advice and complementary services. At last, our contact network of local people grew up progressively since our setting up in 1988 and depicts a precious help for a comer.

Deminter Relocation Services, in an echxange between the expartiate and his family, define the way they want to be rehoused, and all the needs they have in Tunisia towards their personal choices and their priorities ; Deminter relocation services will expose you then all the possibilities for a specific budget.

Below, there are the mains services Deminter can help you with :

  • Recruitment for house care staff
  • Help for the residence visa
  • Opening of the water meter, gas, electricity
  • Week-end planning
  • Help with the languages