for a full taking over
International removals

Discovery of the housing

Visit during a day or two half-days consequently some housing offer corresponding to the wishes.

1. Settling down the needs

During an interview, we are leaning on our “housing survey” to help you describe the most exactly way possible your needs and wishes, like the localization, the combined area, how many rooms, and every other characteristic wanted (empty or furnished, time of construction, swimming-pool, garden, stairs, orientation…). We will also give you all the information needed like costs, tax…

2. Research

We are working side by side with a real estate agency of Tunis and its suburbs, which allows us to know exactly the market and its evolution. This is also for us a real help to know which offer is serious or not. Each research is based under the responsibility of a staff over skilled. The preparation and realization of a program of appointments for 10 to 15 flats or houses need almost 20 hours of research and over than 200 phone calls.

3. Visits with the beneficiary

We will drive the beneficiary and his family for these visits. This is also a way to discover the neighborhoods he might live in.

4. Help for the choices and conclusion

During these visits, the beneficiary showed his preferences, and we will help him to make a choice between the several places he had visited, objectively. Once his choice made, we will present his application form to the real estate agency. We will escort him until the signature of the lease agreement.